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Odessa Bonita multi bridle - For the small ones

Odessa Bonita multi bridle - For the small ones

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We decided to do our very popular Odessa Bonita for the little ones as well. 

Odessa Bonita is a multi bridle that can be used both with a bit, or as a sidepull. The straps that hold the bit is both adjustable and removable. 

- Italian leather

- Soft padding on neck and sides

- Brass hardware

 Choose browband for your bridle like this ✨⬇️

1. Put the bridle in the cart 

2. Put the browband in the cart 

3. Use code MIXMATCH in the checkout


Size guide:


No.1. 67-84 cm

No.2. 44-51 cm

No.3. 20-31


No.1. 63-82 cm

No.2. 43-50 cm

No.3. 20-30 cm





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